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Cuatro Company Ltd was founded in 2010 as a private limited company, based in Hong Kong. One of our core task is providing new ideas and platform consultation for B2B customers using the most famous and latest technologies. Thanks to a deliberately thin organization and a high degree of efficiency, Cuatro is able to offer it's customers a competitive edge and thereby an economical profit.

Design and Manufacture

At Cuatro we place a high degree of importance on the look, feel and ease of use of our products. We provide an all in one server from Design to Manufacturing.
By order of Cuatro, during operational phases, quality controls are executed. So we guarantee, for every single product, optimal processing and durability. In all manufacturing plants quality inspectors are engaged who monitor every single step of production, so that our customer's quality ideas can always be satisfied. Our products are cost effective and environmental friendly, because our products can use iOS devices or Android as central unit. So that the users can enjoy all kinds of rich features without an individual Display, Microprocessor, and Internet connectivity.

Our performance

• We are kind and do all we can for our customer requests
• We act fast, create new products, and are responsible-minded and competent
• We treat everyone with respect, fairness and benevolence
• We are performance-minded, create values and make sure that third parties respect them
• We act and communicate honestly, open and proactively
• We are always there for the needs of our customers

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